Creative Industries Development Services
Creative Industries Development Services

Creative Focus

Creative Focus is a programme of one-day workshops aimed at new and pre-start creative businesses in the Manchester area.  The workshops, moderated by creative industries consultant David Parrish, take you through complex business strategies in a relaxed and informative manner. 

In addition to helping you think through your business ideas and plans, the workshop is designed to link you into the most appropriate support that will take you to the next level.  With support from Arts Council England North West, this year’s programme will have a particular focus on assisting businesses to access financial support. 

Creative Focus has been designed by David Parrish and is adapted from a programme of support originally developed by David for our colleagues at Merseyside ACME.

Here's a snapshot of their feedback:

"Excellent. Provided a forum to sit back, appreciate and refocus. I now have clarity to take my company forward"

"Helped me to bring my intentions into a clearer focus"

"Well-paced delivery, obviously very well prepared thus very well executed. Good stuff! Would highly recommend it."

"You are a very clever man Mr Parrish! You have a good way of getting points across enabling me to understand certain issues better than I ever have"

"Talking to other creative people, sharing ideas, and learning from each other is really useful"


To download "The Magic of Marketing", an excerpt from David Parrish's book,

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Wednesday 20th September 2006

Wednesday 18th October 2006 (please note; this event is reserved for independent publishers only)

Friday 17th November 2006

Wednesday 17th January 2007

Wednesday 14th March 2007



For more information on Creative Focus, please contact Jan Lee on email  or call .

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