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Get Connected

Get Connected was a joint initiative between CIDS and Manchester City Council Libraries and Information Service.

Funded through the Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, Get Connected aimed to raise awareness of opportunities within the cultural economy to people living and working in Manchester’s regeneration districts. In particular, the project prioritises constituencies under-represented in the creative sector including women, ethnic minorities and young people.

Residents in regeneration areas often do not enjoy clear pathways to resources of information, support, advice and business development when considering setting up their own enterprises. This project was a pilot programme aimed at establishing a new strand of outreach based activity as a part of CIDS services, it also raised the profile of the array of business and enterprise development resources offered by the libraries service. In turn, the initiative also aimed to contribute to the growth of the creative industries in Manchester.

Get Connected  took the form of five “roadshow” format evening events. Each evening focused on a creative industries sub-sector. These included:

· Film

· New Media (Games Industry)

· Radio

· Music

· Design

Events were designed to be lively and accessible, combining speakers and success stories from the target communities with presentations of creative output. The evenings included hospitality and the chance to chat to representatives of Manchester’s support agencies.

Audiences for Get Connected are identified by working closely with “on the ground” libraries staff, local arts workers, regeneration agencies and community representatives.

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